How to Check if a Company Is Fake or Genuine

We often come to this situation when we have to find information about a company.

If a company or website is fake or genuine !CoverPage

Situations like you are about to make some investment in that company or want to apply for Job in that company.

There are many ways to find out about fake company’s .

Every company have a website to reach large audience and people, so you can search that company name on net thought Google with the company name.Look for contact us page in the website or in the advertisement where ever you have seen about the company.

Here is a list of this to check to find out if company is fake or not:

1.  If the company is asking for some money then be careful like in case of lottery they ask for initial payment to do the paper work or  Offering job ask register and pay money through Demand Draft (DD) or by a means where money can not be refunded .Then it give you a reason to get suspicious.

[Example :  Now in today’s internet world there are a lot of fake websites running and they make good money by fooling people who are new to computer /internet or little not so experience with these things. People run fake website offering job and asking money or using name similar to company name with one letter interchanged to fool such innocent people.]

So you searched for the website of company and got first in search engine (Google) list impressed by awesome look of website.

Realty check : Make a website takes no time now a days and cost low as $60-$70 and getting  website link as first on Google in no big deal with SEO (search engine  optimization ).

2.  If the company claim to be registered check with the government website of that country if they are registered  or unapproved .

Visit  Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and enter the company full  name here and search, if found then good but still it could be a trap.

Reality check : Registering a company did not take some much now days ,thousand of company’s get registered every day and vanishes in few days when they make good money .

Below is the image of how does MCA website look site and where to put company name to search if it is register.

MCA site

In Company or LLP Name enter company name in first text box also enter the same in second column and

Alternate Name  :  if it have any alternate name , short name or  just company name enter here or just leave it blank.

3. Company’s website are hosted (put on an internet somewhere on some servers) on so we can find information about the website and that can tell us a lot about a company believe me a loot!

There a number of website who keep record of and make us those information accessible, websites like , etcDomainTool

By searing information about the website we can find following information :

  • Company’s name ,address
  • How old is the website
  • Domain is registered on what Name
  • Server name of which they are hosted
  • Website status
  • Website created on what date
  • Website expiry date (website valid till that date though that date can be extended)DomainTool

Now how to use all these information to judge the company .

  •   Company Name

a ) If the company is big the website must be registered with company Name company address  , means with formal name and address , if it is resisted on some persons name then it grow some suspicious (Well this is not always true) .

Example : If Company XYZ Pvt Lmt. is owned by Mr Harry then the Organization name will be there as “XYZ Pvt Lmt “ and not any thing else.

b) you can find great deal of information about the company’s at hear the address and Email ID , see that if the emails if some personal mail ID and not company mail id then it’s not good ,

Example: If Company XYZ Pvt Lmt and their website is then there Email id is should be like or

  • How old is the website

Watch carefully the creation date of website to know how old is the website.

If the company is making some big claim like investing 900 crore is next financial year and such huge expansion etc and the company website is just an 1 or 2-year-old then this give you a reason to suspicious as now days website is the first thing that company’s make to connect with client and people.

Also if company is inviting huge like 500 cores and their website is just 1-year-old there are less change to.

4. Making payment online be safe

When we make payment online using some site be sure to check https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) wish is a secured protocol other wise your information  may be compromised .HTTPS protocol

The http is the protocol to access the web content  you are accessing  on internet it is the first part or any website that you can see in the address bar.

5. You can file an RTI (Right To Information) against the organization and the RTI have to be answered by Law . so here is the link to file an  RTI Online .

 So better be Safe then sorry my friends !


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