CCleaner for those who still use TuneUp it’s time to move on!

CCleaner is one of the best system utility software ,you often delete temporary system files ,CCleanerbrowser history manually and delete registry entries which are risk thing to do your self.So why not use a small tool that do many of these thing in a Click.

CCleaner free you from doing these system maintenance task all you need is to run a analyse scan and in seconds it tell how much hard disk space is wasted by these temp and unwanted data that to specifically like how much data by IE, browser,system temp files,application temp data is consuming that can be freed by running a scan then click Run Cleaner that’s it you gain back that disk space ,it take seconds to do its job.

In windows OS often it is observed that with time these temporary files:Clipboard, Memory Dumps , browser session data,cookies,typed URL history etc. Create a lot of trouble like slow down system performance and browser response get slow also windows disk space getting reduced and this unuseful data can be from few MB to GB’s depending on how often you run such system clean-up scan.

CCleaner Is an alternative and better than the traditional TuneUp ,use it you will find the deference and CCleaner can be freely download from internet.

Note if you have saved password for some website in any browser that may get erased so take care of that,what you can do is leave that browser open when you run this scan then CCleaner will ask to run scan for that browser  then opt for no.

Features :

  • Lite Software
  • Clean up Sytem and windows unwanted temporary data
  • Clean up browser data (history, cookies ,download history etc.)
  • Registry Cleaner with advance features
  • Since it include Registry Cleaner no need to use any other Registry tool.
  • Allow to clean specific data of browser likes history,cookies,index file,typed URL etc
  • Support Windows 200/XP/Vista/7.

Download : CCleaner


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