Reverse tethering on Android Phone without Rooting

Reverse tethering on Android phone (through USB and Wifi both methods)  allow user to get internet from computer to the phone just opposite of tethering while tethering is easy with the help of various application ,reverse tethering is a little tricky if you what  to use on non rooted phone ,people avoid rooting their phone as it
break the warranty and a little risky to for a new user.
In this article i will explain reverse tethering , as tethering you can find any where but not reverse tethering, i will explain method which will work on 2 windows OS :Windows XP and on Windows 7.

If you are thinking why try all these stuffs just go for ad-hock network in Windows OS,tell me tell you the Android did not support ad-hock network.

Reverse tethering on :              

         Windows XP

Reverse tethering without rooting phone via USB .

Since application are not available on android market which make it possible,unless you are ready to root .This method is for phone not having  wireless network available.I will be using application not available on android market the method is Port Tunneling as android phones did not have the normal stuffs to make internet sharing easy.

Here is the link which will take you to the complete  process on how do to this,it worked fine for few but for those it didn’t try the other method given bellow.(if you don’t get right at first don’t wasting time just try Windows 7 method i suggest). [For Rooted Phone try this link]

Android Usb Port Forwarding for Non Rooted phone.

           Windows 7      

As XP method did not work for many ,here i will tell you how to make it possible for Windows 7 which is an easy way than any other method:


  • Internet connection with Windows 7
  • No Need to Root your Phone</b> (as required is most case)
  • A WiFi connection (available on laptops for other try WiFi dongle)
  • Connectify software.

A WiFi dongle[also called USB Wireless Adaptor] is a pen drive looking device cheap now a days cot less than Rs 1,000 now (650-950 average price).
You can order online if you dint find around you place as online shopping get reliable now days ,purchase for any well know brand: D-Link,LinkSis,Netgare.

  1.  Install connectify if ,you will be promoted to configure for the first time.
  2.  In SSID type the connection name you what to give
  3.  Give password if you what to use secured network
  4. Now select from the connection you want to share (you present  internet connection you are using)
  5.  Select the WiFi network using which you will connect your Android Phone.
  6.  Select encryption :
  •     a ) “open” if you do not wish to use any password
  •     b ) “WAP/WEP2” or any encryption from the available drop down.

8. Now switch on your Phone WiFi.
9. Click start HotSpot.
10. Give the password when promoted in the phone.

          11.You are done ,now you will see an active or inactive client in the connectify .

If you still have trouble check you internet connection or WiFi setting .


42 thoughts on “Reverse tethering on Android Phone without Rooting

  1. Taohid says:

    Thnx ! works like a charm

  2. nanthan says:

    Is the dongle necessary?

    • The WiFi dongle is Not necessary, its only for those who what to try Reverse tethering on PC which usually don’t have built-in Wifi device in it so in that case you can use Dongle and for laptop user’s its Not required at all as they have all these Wifi and other wireless device integrated in it.

  3. halit says:

    i have done these properly. i see my device is in the clients list and my device seem to be connected. ı have no network problem, i am able to use my internet on my pc but why i can not use it on my android tablet?

    • I assume you have necessary WIFI hardware to connect PC and tablet as you mentioned it show it as connected but internet is not accessible on phone so wifi don’t seems be the problem here. I suggest you to 1st recheck all the steps and try to run internet on a different browser some times they have proxy issues.
      if it still don’t work then make sure internet is not disabled for your client(your Andriod deive in the Connectif Client Tab).
      To do that locate your Android device in the connected client Right click and see if it is not Disable intent access.
      (refer this img ).

  4. frank says:

    it worked g8 job

  5. Rahul says:

    Can I use PCI wifi card instead of dongle? I mean yeah of course I can.

  6. minesh says:

    i’ve did all the above steps.
    but the problem is, my mobile identifies the hotspot and as i select it, it shows ‘obtaining ip address’ and connects for a few seconds but after that it says connection disabled…please help

    • This obtaining IP Address problem is quite common with android when using WiFi/Wireless Router.
      It keeps giving same annoying message
      Obtaining IP address ; disconnecting ; scanning…

        There are 2 solution to this problem

      1 Is to make changes to Router to use static IP for your device but that could end up creating trouble for you, so we are not discussing it here.
      2 Is to use Static IP address instead of Dynamic (which is by default).
      In your Android device follow these steps to deal with this.
      1. Go to Settings
      2. Wireless and Networks
      3. Wi-Fi Settings
      4. Click on menu button [that’s on Left]
      5. Select Advance Now.
      This will take you to Advance Settings of Wi-Fi , now under IP Settings check the option Use static IP and enter the following configuration bellow it :
      IP address:
      DNS2: or (which ever work).

      The trick is to know the IP address contact your ISP or look at your modem configuration you will find it somewhere.

      Wifi Static is an free App that let you configure your IP Config static or dynamic.
      App Link:

  7. AvinJ says:

    does this work in ubuntu?

  8. Confused says:

    so when i got no WiFi, and i want to use Reverse Tethering, i need a WiFi to then use Reverse Tethering… WHAT?

  9. michael says:

    i want to reverse tethering via USB only how?

    • Hi J.Michael you can do that using ‘Usb Port Forwarding’ method given as the first method is the post above.

      In this method the tool creates an USB tunnel between the android device and the PC(so the internal architecture did not effect). The tunnel will forward communications to and from the host and this way you can use internet on your android device via USB.

  10. Avikshit says:

    hello 🙂
    If i have wifi on Pc/Laptop or i have dongle..What’s need of Usb tethering on PC ?
    i mean i want to use My Pc’s internet connection over usb cable..not wifi..
    Hope i am clear n please reply back asap 🙂

    • Hi Avi
      if we are getting you right, assuming you have WiFi on your Laptop/PC then its easy and take no time to get internet on your Android device(Phone/tablet) using internet connection of your Lapi/PC on our phone using the software(Connectify software) named above in the article.
      So this way you will save your money spend on Data packet on your phone.

      For Reverse tethering via USB to get PC internet refer to the above article that explain this method,

      Tethering allows sharing the Internet connection of the Android Phone to Laptop/PC using Phone as modem.
      (for Tethering there are number of apps available for free to use & is easy)

      Reverse Tether does the reverse thing for Tethering it allows you to get Computer internet connection to your phone.

  11. dave says:

    will this work if i have wireless adapter on my pc and use my phones usb cable to use wifi?

    • Hi dave since you have wireless adapter on your PC means you have Wifi enabled PC and your Phone have Wifi so that all you need install connectify on PC and start Hotspot.
      If you have wifi enabled PC you don’t need to use wires or USB cable Connect wirelessly with ease.

  12. dave says:

    and do i need paid connectify or just free will do the work?

    • No you don’t need to use paid version(Connectify PRO), Connectify Lite (Free version) will work great.

      Paid version just add some more features which are not so useful for a basic user who just want to reverse tether.

  13. Anurag says:

    i dont have a wifi bro but I want to use my pc s coonection on my cell will there is ANy option fo that ?

    • You can try the USB Port Forwarding mentioned above.
      what happen in that is it foreword the internet packet though a tunnel that is formed between your phone and PC through which we access net on our device.

  14. bhagwan says:

    my xperia s is not founding the hotspot.
    using it with my laptop wifi
    please help

  15. Bhagwan says:

    My xperia s is not founding the hotsopt.
    tried with other phones also.
    hotspot not founding.
    please help

  16. Gany says:

    Hi. I am using a Reliance 3G USB dongle for internet access. I want to access its internet on my galaxy grand. I have windows 7 ultimate installed n my laptop. Will the same method mentioned above work for me as well? Please reply asap.

    • Yes it work with USB dongle also.

      Use the Windows 7 method for reverse tethering it works with no extra effort.

      Connectify allow us to share your Wired or 3G/4G data card internet with your Android device.

      • Gany says:

        I have another small problem. Connectify shows a message saying “AP Not Supported”. Could you please tell me what does it mean and help me out?

  17. Ismail Sharif says:

    I have tried to my LAN internet connection through D-Link WiFi Adapter but doesn’t work. Please explain how can I use my PC internet that I am getting through LAN. +91 810-810-6060

    • See my friend once you have connected the WiFi adapter system will detect it and if drivers and installed correctly for the WiFi we are good to go.
      Now open connectify in that enter the details and configuration you want to have
      Password : (enter the password you what)
      Internet : (Your LAN internet connection that you want to share )
      Wifi : From the list select D-Link WiFi in your case (this is the hardware with which you share your LAN internet)
      Security : The desired security mode .
      For say reference just see this image it will help
      We have tested this method on PC with external D-Link DWA 123 WiFi Dongle and it work.
      Revert if problem is unresolved.

  18. Ismail Sharif says:


    GOD BLESS YOU ……..

  19. Nitinkumar says:

    Thank you for sharing this! It helped me a lot…

  20. Ashok says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for compiling this. It is indeed very useful… I find my questions already answered :)))

  21. Kristine says:

    I simpy couldn’t leave our web sikte prior tto suggesting
    that I actually loved the stanxard info an individuall
    profide for youjr guests? Is gonna be back regtularly to
    insepect new posts

  22. Johnk878 says:

    I really enjoy the blog post. Great. fbkfdfdffddk

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