How to get Windows 8 Start Menu back

Windows 8 have no Start button, we are use to this start button for about 20 years and windows have now removed that feature from its late version of windows.
Despite best effort to replace the Start button with the tiles search its fail to impress a majority of user who still prefer that Start button for speedy access to all the application, previously Windows 7 allow us to just type in the “Search programs and files” and you find it in no time and less keystrokes.
There a number app that will bring back the Start button, menu and hide the charms bar though you can access by moving your cursor to corner of the screen.

Microsoft need to understand that a majority of user still use LCD/ Flat screen and not every one have touch screen device to use Windows 8 Tiles.

We are listing here some of the best Start Button apps/tool those are free to use.

Classic ShellC  SHell Small
It’s a free open source start menu replacement is a clone of the original Start menu and is customizable with following advance features:

  • Customize start menu with multiple style & skins 
  • Toolbar and status bar for Windows Explorer
  • Search box helps to quick find your programs
  • Right click on item in menu to delete or rename
  • Access recent document in a click
  • You can even convert “All Programs “button to Windows menu into cascading menu

You can choose from 3 different style of Start Menu:

Download : Classic Shell

Start Menu 8
IObit Start Menu is another free tool similar to windows 7 Start menu specially designed for windows 8 filled with most needed feature it a recommended tool.

  • Customizable and easy to use
  • Give look and feel for Windows 7
  • Fast and easy to Programs and Files
  • Top rated by Editors 
  • Customize individual component of menu change start button graphic image

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Download Start Menu 8


It is an App store for Windows which offer Start menu for Windows 8.
Like other Start menu Pokkit don’t copy the start menu functionality rather it have different design which most of XP or windows 7 user will not prefer.
People will love it if they are looking for something more than just start button and menu.

  • Start menu completely redesigned.
  • You get 16 one click favorite app launchers
  • Mobile like notification display for email, tweets
  • Easy access to frequently used area on system

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Download Pokki for Windows 8


How to Check if a Company Is Fake or Genuine

We often come to this situation when we have to find information about a company.

If a company or website is fake or genuine !CoverPage

Situations like you are about to make some investment in that company or want to apply for Job in that company.

There are many ways to find out about fake company’s .

Every company have a website to reach large audience and people, so you can search that company name on net thought Google with the company name.Look for contact us page in the website or in the advertisement where ever you have seen about the company.

Here is a list of this to check to find out if company is fake or not: Continue reading

Revo Uninstaller to use Software even after trial

  Revo Uninstaller is free software utility , that complete remove a software from the system along with the left over files and entries in the Windows Registry .
This way the uninstaller Utility completely removed software and no file will be left which can other wise cause havoc in Windows, which is not possible by just using default Windows Add/remove Programme from control panel.

 How can to use Software even after trial period ?
The software that can do this is Revo Uninstaller developed by Revo Group .
1.When you run this utility it will list all the installed software in the machine of which you can select the software you wish to remove.

2. The utility it will start the basic uninstaller , after the basic uninstallation and check  point  creation.

3. The utility will search for left over item include shortcut ,programme files. ( other left over files that basic uninstaller of windows could not remove and registry entry that are always left over when you uninstall Free Trial software )

4. Now you get a list of left over file to delete listed by the Utility , just delete and finish.

So that you can use the trial software even after when the trial period get over by a fresh installation and you wont pay a penny for that.

Features of Revo Uninstaller :

  • It have very easy user interface even a beginner can use it .
  • Uninstaller (that remove software and leftover)
  • Force Uninstaller (Pro feature allow uninstallation of even incomplete installation and more)
  • Real Time Installation Moniter- allows you to monitor installation and detect and see system change in real time.
  • Auto Backup (registry keys) and create restore point .
  • Hunter Mode (Advance feature that allow unintallation by simple drag and drop, so unistallation with single click .
  • AutoRun Manager To simply mange application that are to be run on system start-up each time.
  • UnRecoverable Delete : Emptying recycle bin don’t mean file in deleted forever ,so it will delete date permanently that will not recoverable even with Advanced recovery tool.
  • Windows Cleaner To clean up all history of recent file accede and web history ,typed URL,start menu click history and such.
  • Browsers Cleaner To remove trace of websites accessed and temporary internet file and cookies.

Software  similar to Revo Uninstaller are Nero General Clean Tool ,Obit Uninstaller ,Your Uninstaller etc but non can match the ease of use , and advanced feature in a single software  many websites have rated Revo Uninstaller as ALL in One and 5/5.

So now Remove the software without leaving any trace start using Revo Uninstaller.

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Downlaod :   Revo Uninstaller  

Comparision between BSNL IS701R and Aakash2 Tablet

DataWind Aakash World cheapest tablet made a lot of new last year when HRD Minister kapil Sibal unveiled to the world Aakash tablet ,corporate world around the world where worried with its launch and since then we have seen many Company’s announced there Tablet too.

There was some issues on which DataWind and Government have difference after which Government gave tender for delivering the Tablet to Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) and C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) both Central Government bodies. After Aaskah the original version underperformed DataWind come up with improved version named UbiSlate 7+ price being same.

In february BSNL in collaboration with Noida based Pantel Technologies lunched its Cheap, priced similar to Aakash tablet named Penta IS701R on which it was working strategically for quite some time. The features are better then Aaksh it also have a Camera for video chat.

Both BSNL Penta IS701R and UbiSlate come with data plane for internet they have different plane user can select from.

In This article I have covered the difference between UbiSlate 7+(Aaksh) and BSNL Penta IS701R so then you can decide which one is better to Buy.

Aakash vs BSNL Pantel tablet


BSNL Penta IS701R Aaksh/Ubisalate
Screen size 7″ resistive screen 7″ resistive screen
Touchscreen resolution 800×600 800×480
Processor 1 Ghz( IMAP210 ) 700 MHz(Cortex A8)
Andriod OS Ver. 2.3 Gingerbread 2.3 Gingerbread
Memory 256MB DDR2 RAM 256MB RAM
Internal storage 2GB 2GB
Memory card up to 32GB supported up to 32GB supported
WiFi suppoted IEEE 802.11 a/b/g +GPRS IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
USB Port 2.0 1+3G dongle compatible 1+3G dongle compatible
Audio in/out 3.5mm audio jack 3.5mm audio jack
HDMI output port Yes No
HD video playback Yes Yes
Flash Support Adode Flash 10.3 Yes
Battery : 3000mah 3200 mAh
Camera 0.3 MP Front cam NO
Manufacturers Pantel Technologies(Noida based)

DataWind(Canadian Company) now ITI & CDAC
Availability March 2012 U/N
Price : Rs.3,250 Rs.2,999 (Students Rs.2,250)

CCleaner for those who still use TuneUp it’s time to move on!

CCleaner is one of the best system utility software ,you often delete temporary system files ,CCleanerbrowser history manually and delete registry entries which are risk thing to do your self.So why not use a small tool that do many of these thing in a Click.

CCleaner free you from doing these system maintenance task all you need is to run a analyse scan and in seconds it tell how much hard disk space is wasted by these temp and unwanted data that to specifically like how much data by IE, browser,system temp files,application temp data is consuming that can be freed by running a scan then click Run Cleaner that’s it you gain back that disk space ,it take seconds to do its job.

In windows OS often it is observed that with time these temporary files:Clipboard, Memory Dumps , browser session data,cookies,typed URL history etc. Create a lot of trouble like slow down system performance and browser response get slow also windows disk space getting reduced and this unuseful data can be from few MB to GB’s depending on how often you run such system clean-up scan.

CCleaner Is an alternative and better than the traditional TuneUp ,use it you will find the deference and CCleaner can be freely download from internet.

Note if you have saved password for some website in any browser that may get erased so take care of that,what you can do is leave that browser open when you run this scan then CCleaner will ask to run scan for that browser  then opt for no.

Features :

  • Lite Software
  • Clean up Sytem and windows unwanted temporary data
  • Clean up browser data (history, cookies ,download history etc.)
  • Registry Cleaner with advance features
  • Since it include Registry Cleaner no need to use any other Registry tool.
  • Allow to clean specific data of browser likes history,cookies,index file,typed URL etc
  • Support Windows 200/XP/Vista/7.

Download : CCleaner

TeraCopy Fastest Copy software

This is a windows utility software which reduce the time it take to copy/move data in computer from one disk to other or from a peripheral storage device(like SdCard,Pendrive,External hard disk etc) to  other device.TeraLogo

Our Windows default copy  gives you an average speed of 2 to 10 MB/sec (on an .avg) or a little  more where else this utility will give an Ultra Speed of up to 40 Mbps data transfer speed defer on each computer.

As it is named TeraCopy it can copy Tera bytes in no time or at least faster then default windows Copy.

Feature of  TeraCopy :

  • Copy file Faster
  • Free to use and download.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Pause ,resume and skip a file while copy
  • Also allow you to adjust buffer size of this program for copying .
  • Error recovery: it notice you if there where problem in any file with that file name.
  • Interactive file list: when you copy data, name of all file is visible when you copy using TeraCopy.
  • Eject when copy feature allow you to eject your pen drive(or peripheral) when copy is done.
  • All Windows OS supported .

Click to Download  TeraCopy TeraCopy

7zip your unlimited UnZip tool for free

You often have a zip file downloaded from internet and what to unzip to open ,you mostly use WinZip free version which ends in 30 days and also have some irritating ads when you open that so you need a solution that will work for unrestricted time period.

7zip is a free software and have no limitation like Winzip it have better compression   ratio so your zip will be smaller then regular zip file. 7-Zip can unpacks a number of archive formats, including ZIP, RAR,ISO,CAB,TAR, GZ, and its own 7z formats.

If you still need to use WinZip or such software for more then the trial period of 30 or 15 days then wait for some time i will post how to use software for more then trial period.

 Features offered by 7zip:

  • Free to use and download.
  • Light software.
  • High compression ratio.
  • Supported OS Windows, Linux/Unix.
  • Offer Encryption with password.
  • Similar interface to WinZip, easy to use.
  • Small memory requirements for decompressing
  • It gives an extension .7z to the file zipped from 7zip.
  • 7z archives are up to 40 percent smaller then their ZIP equivalents.
  • No 30 days limitation use for unlimited time.

Download : 7Zip software 
7Zip 1
7Zip 1